Custom Cards

About Custom Cards

Fortune 500 corporations, Broadway theater productions, distilleries, universities and magicians around the world have engaged USPC to create high-quality custom playing cards as unique premiums on behalf of their event or organization. Card backs, faces, finishes and colors can all be customized to meet your needs, and grab your target’s attention.

Playing cards offer 56 instant and creative impressions for your message. Each card can deliver a different communication point, visual or fact that is representative of your overall brand and objective.

Custom Card Orders

The minimum order quantity for a custom run is 2,500 decks. For orders smaller than 100, visit our Bicycle Personalized Cards site at http://www.bicyclepersonalizedcards.com. For quantities larger than 100 decks, contact one of our Sales Managers directly for an appropriate quote or visit http://www.bicyclecards.com/products/custom to submit a quote request. Please note that all quantity restrictions and incremental fees noted below are applicable to US customers only.


Price Per Deck

Contact one of our sales managers directly for an appropriate quote.

Phone: (859)-815-7426

Email: Customdivision@usplayingcard.com

Setup Fee (artwork charge)

For US customers only

Custom Faces (all 56 cards): $600
Custom Back: $110 per card
Custom Back (ad card): $60 per card
Correction Quote: $75 per hour

Additional questions? Please contact us at: Customdivision@usplayingcard.com

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