For over 100 years, The United States Playing Card Company has been the leader in production and distribution of premier playing cards and a creator of innovative games the whole family can enjoy. Well-known and reputable brands such as BEE®, BICYCLE®, KEM®, AVIATOR® and HOYLE® are the fruits of our labor. Children’s card games, collectible items, puzzles and card accessories are the cherries on top - truly delivering a full range of products to any type of player. Whether it’s a game of Go Fish on your family vacation, or adding a few more chips to the pile at poker night, we’ve got you covered.

People continue to come to USPC for a great game - and we’ve made it our mission to deliver the goods every single time.  If you’re looking for a little friendly competition, you can bet on us.  If you’re looking to have some fun with the people you love, count us in.  Or if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, we’ll be there for you.  In other words, if you’re up for a good game and a great time, you know right where to come.

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Bicycle delivers premium quality thanks to our passion to improve the playing
experience in every category we enter.aboutus

Every time you open a fresh deck of Bicycle you are handling more than 120 years of playing card expertise.  We proudly craft each deck using custom paper and coatings so consumers can trust Bicycle performance hand after hand.  

• The #1 brand in awareness and quality perception

• Easiest to shuffle, deal, and play since 1885

• Broad range of products for children through professional poker players


To learn more about Bicycle please visit our website at www.bicyclecards.com.


A premium-quality playing card. Bee cards are preferred by casinos and industry-professionals alike. Considered more durable than the average paper playing card, Bee cards can maintain their shape and feel for a longer amount of time, providing increased play and use.

The elite playing card for the world’s most passionate competitors, KEM has earned its reputation as the world’s best. Premium quality and performance are synonymous to the brand name. KEM is the only playing card that delivers the classic snap and feel of paper, with the unmatched durability and security features of plastic.

• Washable
• Resists marking and crimping

Since the 1700s, Edmund Hoyle has been the authority in card games.  True to his legacy we craft each deck of Hoyle using custom paper and coatings, so that you can bring the authority to your next game.

• Custom paper using proprietary lamination process for durability
• Nevada Finish for improved shuffling and dealing


Respected and trusted since its inception, Aviator has been known for providing great playing cards to loyal card players. The slick finish and crisp feel uniquely identifies Aviator in the hearts and minds of players.

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